New Year’s Resolutions


I‘m constantly reminded of time through my profession as a photographer by the IWC timepiece that now almost never leaves my wrist. I love the dance I have with the seconds of the day, capturing the present which instantly becomes the past and thinking about what is just a moment away in the future. Sometimes I look down at my wrist and watch the ticking second hand bouncing away on a subway commute or in bed when I can’t sleep at night.

Then a funny thing happened, I took off my watch for a couple of days and the time stopped ticking. Once I wound it up and was back on track I thought about the jarring nature of time stopping, something thanks to digital we never have to experience anymore. And I thought to myself, you have to be present in the moment and show up in life otherwise, time will just cease for you. I like that notion over the usual “time marches on” which always makes me the slightest bit sad.

In Savannah I took some time to look back on the year, process it, and then think forward to where we go from here in this new year of new adventures…

Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

1. Start Running

2. Learn a skill unrelated to my career

3. Create more with my hands

4. Cook more

5. Purge the “stuff”

a friend taught me to ask yourself – “does it bring you joy?” if not, get rid of it

6. Take time to find inspiration outside my own world (or the internet).

7. Go to Japan

8. Stop checking email after 7pm

9. Give myself downtime (aka stop feeling guilty when not working)

10. Spend more time with the ones I love

 What are some of your personal resolutions? How do we constantly remind ourselves of these personal goals?