Oscar de la Renta


With the passing of Oscar de la Renta last October we have all been wondering what Peter Copping would do in the his new role as creative director and the seemingly impossible task of carrying on the ladylike empire Mr. de la Renta built.

When I arrived at the venue over looking New York’s Bryant Park the first thing I noticed was the switch from a floral, white, lovely decor to something more sleek, modern and dark. As the show began I could see a lot of Oscar in the suit tailoring and chic styling. I like the way Mr. Copping used fur, I loved the way he tied silk scarfs around the girl’s necks and some of the gowns looks as if they walked off the set of an Audrey Hepburn movie, that classic glamour I’ve always looked for from ODLR. I noticed more solid black which I personally liked, wonderfully feminine shoes and of course perfect ball gowns.

Of course, no one will ever fill Oscar de la Renta’s shoes, but he can reinterpret them… on the runway… with little black bows on the side.

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