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Last night was the School of American Ballet‘s Winter Ball in the David H. Koch theater of Lincoln Center. It was a very special night for Kevin and I as for the past couple of months we have been working closely with the team at SAB making a series of ballet cinemagraphs as well as a short film on the lives of SAB students to be shown here on this evening to the distinguished guests that donated / raised over a million dollars last night to aid in the scholarships that allow less fortunate students full of talent to attend this world class school.

It’s not often we get to experience our work “out in the world” or be present when someone sees it for the first time. It was a thrill! Walking into the gallery under dancing cinemagraphs delighting the guests in perfect poise and flawless execution was so charming and I felt, as I sat there, very respectful the discipline and study of dance. It was a great honor to be in the professional position to donate our time and talent to support something we greatly believe in, the arts, and to which we relate as far as the student experience is concerned- coming to New York with a dream and a whole lot of passion.


So honored to wear this gorgeous Ralph Lauren silk gown, diamond earrings by the event’s main sponsor Van Cleef & Arpels and a clutch by the the Winter Ball’s event co-chair Amanda Brotman from her evening bag line Amanda Pearl 

(remember the last time I wore a Ralph Lauren gown in Paris…)


SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_03 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_04

Kevin wore his custom made Bob Ermilio tux and Ralph Lauren bow tie


Above Cinemagraphs on display around the rotunda of the David H. Koch building.

SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_07 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_08  SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_10

SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_11 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_12


SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_14 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_15
SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_16 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_17 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_18 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_19

SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_20 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_21 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_22 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_23 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_24  SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_26


Above, watching the short film we made on three dancers currently attending the School of American Ballet

Below, a still from the video on motion study

sab-cover-image2615SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_28 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_29

Above touching up my lipstick using the attached mirror inside my Amanda Pearl clutch

SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_30 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_31 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_32 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_33 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_34 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_35 SAB_Winter_Ball_Lincoln_Center_39


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  1. Jamie, you and Kevin have come so far and have accomplished so much over the years. Being able to witness your work on display at such a grand event amongst respectable artists and peers must have been such a moment of pride for the both of you. You are living proof that following your heart and passion is the most rewarding path.

    And can we talk some more about how beautiful you look and that Ralph Lauren gown you are wearing?! It is absolute perfection, as though it were made for you! <3

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