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Trying the all natural beauty line Tata Harper

A few months ago my sister-in-law tagged me in an Instagram post belonging to the brand Tata Harper that she had fallen in love with. I was unfamiliar so I poked around for a bit- oh you’re handmade in Vermont- oh you’re all natural & non-toxic- oh you are a real environmentally sustainable business… ok, ok, you’re cool. But then I got busy and forgot until a recent trip to ABC home (fav home store in NYC btw.) where they carry her line. So I tried it on my hands, played with the lotions, and smeared on some Love Potion. As the day worn on I kept smelling my hands, it was intoxicating.

I’ve been pretty happy with my beauty routine and wasn’t looking for a change until one morning I read this article and downloaded the app Think Dirty and started going through my beauty cabinet. Nothing I owned was considered “safe” by this app. Huh… I thought. So, what if I tried something that was considered totally safe? Then I remembered Tata Harper. I looked them up on the app and it passed with flying colors so I ordered a starter kit complete with cleaner, serum, moisturizer, nutrient complex (oil), face mask, and lip balm. annnnnnnnd I also ordered the Love Potion which is actually what I wear to bed now and in the mornings when I spend time in my little garden

I’m going on two weeks now with this as my skincare routine. At first you notice that it’s different from what we are used to. The face wash isn’t foaming and lathering, the moisturizer isn’t thick and creamy… instead it’s better. The face wash doesn’t strip your skin of moisture and smells like you went for a walk in a garden. The serum and moisturizer are not greasy and absorb so easily into your face which also smell like a walk in the garden and considering I really like walks in the garden this is just great. When I first used the resurfacing mask I smeared it on and thought.. that’s it? Nothing is happening. But after 20 minutes when I washed it off my skin had never looked healthier. It took a couple of days for my lips to adjust to the new lip balm situation but now I LOVE the Be True lip treatment. It restored a natural lip-color that had long faded, my lips don’t dry out in-between applications, and the sheen it provides is so pretty that often times I just use it instead of lipstick.

This is what I’ve come to find out with using all the Tata Harper products: it restores a natural color balance in your skin, keeps you moisturized and super glowy which I love love love. The best part about it though? It makes me feel good to know that what I’m putting on my skin every single day is not going to hurt it. The only sad part about Tata Harper is that I don’t own every single product she makes. Choosing is so hard when it’s all so good.

I know… it’s not cheap. But as my mom once said to me, “it’s cheaper than plastic surgery.” So there you go.

Trying the all natural beauty line Tata Harper Trying the all natural beauty line Tata HarperBelow, after I finish my morning beauty routine with not a stitch of makeup in my Ari Dein slipTrying the all natural beauty line Tata HarperMore beauty stories HERE.

11 thoughts on “Tata Harper

  1. Literally down to the last drops of my current skincare regimen (I’ve used Estee Lauder for years now but I think I’m ready for a change), and that last photo of you after using Tata Harper is all the convincing I need; about to order my starter kit right now!

    Wondering if you use an SPF based sunscreen or anything similar over the daily moisturizer for sun protection though?

    1. I know this is terrible but I actually don’t use SPF on a daily basis. I’m really weary of the chemicals they put in SPF’s but I haven’t had time to research it further. I don’t really like when a moisturizer or foundation has SPF in it, I think it’s a less effective product. I’d rather apply SPF separately which I do when I’m going to be out all day in the sun. But on a day to day basis I don’t. I have been using this in the meantime: http://www.coolasuncare.com/classic/sunscreen-spf-30-cucumber

      1. I can understand the hesitation and reluctance with wanting to use products that already have SPF in them… but then the downside for me personally is just having to remember to add the sunscreen/SPF separately when I tend to be in a rush in the mornings. I guess it’s all a balancing act in the end. But I’ll definitely take a look at the one you’re using and I believe The Honest Company has one that is as safe as they come too!

        And thank you for your response and for introducing me to this line, Jamie! Excited to start using Tata Harper as soon as I get my order in the mail! <3

  2. Duuuude, this looks awesome. I’m sometimes weary of the natural products because my skin breaks out from natural (hey who knew, my skin likes chemicals! lol!) but I would love to try it out in person – I just found a spa in Boston that carries it. Thanks for the intro Jamie!

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