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I was recently introduced to Cindy Ko, a Hong Kong based fashion blogger, through a mutual friend. Knowing nothing about her or her life half a world away I wondered what it is like to be her… who is Cindy Ko? She is so beautiful… this exotic orchid of a flower. I loved her face, its sultry sophistication. I asked if I could photograph her on the rooftop terrace of the Gramercy Park Hotel where she was staying while in the city. I liked to pretend each time I brought my camera up I was watching one of those old sexy Shanghai movies where the beautiful heroine communicates through her eyes and body movements in a struggle for what she wants. It brings to mind a quote from In the Mood for Love:

“It is a restless moment. She has kept her head lowered… to give him a chance to come closer. But he could not, for lack of courage. She turns and walks away.”


Why did you choose fashion blogging as a career?

I kind of just stumbled upon fashion blogging. I used to blog almost everyday on Xanga, I’d write about everything from day to day life to the random thoughts I’d have. It wasn’t until I saw a feature in vogue about fashion bloggers (six years ago) that I decided to specialize in one topic. Fashion. Now travel and lifestyle as well. 



What sort of freedom of expression does blogging provide to you?

Freedom is something I value highly in life in general. Blogging gives me the flexibility to work anywhere I want. I get to travel, work at night, take breaks mid week. The freedom to create a tailor made life, where I can work hard, and play hard. 

My blog gives me a voice, I get to inspire my readers with the things I do. Building relationships not only with my readers but with the brands, and the people I get to work with. 

The photos on my blog is where I express my visions, and ideas. It’s very visually oriented. My writing is more personal and relatable. 




Favorite thing in Hong Kong?

Hiking in Hong Kong is hands down my favorite part about living in this city. I can walk out my front door, hike to the peak and get back to my home in less than 2 hours. (I live in central) I can take a 15 minute taxi to 3-4 other trails. Hong Kong is only 30% city and 70% unspoiled countryside. Endless hiking trails, country parks, tree walks, mountains. If you’re willing to go the distance there are beaches with water as clear as the Mediterranean. And by going the distance I mean take a 45 minute taxi ride (about 25-30 usd) and do an easy 30 minute hike. 


Fashion in Hong Kong is?…

Heavily influenced by other cultures.

For our shoot you are wearing pieces from GUCCI‘s fall collection, what does GUCCI represent to you?

I have a strange affinity with Gucci. I love that it’s luxury but not so set in its ways that they don’t try new things. I also love that Gucci was my first luxury watch and my prom dress. It’s a brand I grew up with. 

What do you think about the fall collection you are modeling? 

It’s definitely more laid back than usual, playful, youthful. When I shot those photos, it felt as if Alessandro Michele was whispering sweet nothings into my soul. 

Why did you select these specific pieces to wear for our shoot?

I felt those pieces brought out the romantic side of me. I wanted to convey a feeling and felt the dresses and I complemented each other in the right way. 



What does NYC represent to you? 

A place to recharge creatively. I thought NYC would be very draining because it’s so intense but it’s the complete opposite. It’s intensity is unlike any other big city, I came back with a new found passion. 

Favorite place to eat in NYC?

The NoMad, Motorino, Emack and Bolios, Ralph’s Coffee

Favorite place to shop in NYC?

Opening Ceremony, Zimmerman (because they don’t have one in HK), Saks, Borsalino



Favorite words of wisdom or inspiring quote?

“Have courage and be kind.” – from Cinderella 

A women is beautiful in your eyes when she?….

Is happy and comfortable in her own skin. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

My parents, people, art, movies, architecture, music, my travels, love, nature… My hopes and wildest dreams. 



How do you want to be remembered?

A free spirit. A good human being. 



Cindy wears GUCCI’s Blooms Print Silk Plissé Dress with Leather Slippers and Red Enamel Tiger Head Ring || Turquoise Sleeveless Leather Dress  with Arielle Eel Pumps and Swarovski Crystal and Glass Pearl Ring || Thistles and Birds Print Silk Dress with Goat Hair Slippers

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