An Afternoon Spritzer

 Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_02 As we soak up the last remaining days of summer I was looking for the perfect light and crisp afternoon aperitif for our group of friends. I brought along a couple chilled bottles of Ecco Domani’s ECCO PROSECCO and enlisted my friend Jared, who knows how to make amazing cocktails, to concoct a great floral spritzer to leave us feeling like hummingbirds in the afternoon light. Building off of the floral notes found in this frizzante-style wine Jared made the perfect quick pitcher of drinks to serve for any summer occasion.

Scroll down to get the recipe in 8 easy steps!


1. In a large pitcher, pour two bottles of Ecco Prosecco. Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_04

2. add about 6 oz of vodkaEcco_Prosecco_Mixer_05  Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_07

3. add about 6 oz of an Elderflower liqueur

Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_08 Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_09

4. To compliment the citrus notes found in Ecco Prosecco, add slices of lemon to keep the bright aromas while adding a summery visual touch to the vintage pitcher. 


 5. Follow up with a few turns of a spoon to mix, but lightly as to not lose the fizz that makes this spritzer so refreshing. 


6. Garnish the rim with something bright and summery like a slice of lemon and petite strawberry.

Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_12  Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_14

7. If it’s a really warm day and you’re enjoying the spritzer outside you might want to add some ice cubes to keep it chill. 

Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_15 Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_16

8 …and then the best part, enjoy!

Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_17 Ecco_Prosecco_Mixer_18

This post was sponsored by Ecco Domani

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