Milan, Italy


After attending the MICAM trade show we had a day to explore around Milan which was my first time visiting this city. Fueled with Instagram recommendations we started out in the morning at the Duomo (how can you not) which was exceptionally beautiful. We wandered the beautiful halls of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Via Della Spiga. We ate gelato, dinned at Taglio, looked at old books, watched people play bocce ball, and had the most charming dinner at Al Fresco. It was an amuse-bouche of Milan, drowned in Pasta and Aperol spritz and a lost in a sea of Italian suits in the most beautiful men’s street fashion I’ve ever seen.

Here are some snapshots from our moments lost in the hallways of Milan… 

Milan_Italy_03 Milan_Italy_04 Milan_Italy_05 Milan_Italy_06 Milan_Italy_07 Milan_Italy_08Milan_Italy_10 Below, in a black lace jumpsuit by Marchesa NotteMilan_Italy_11  Milan_Italy_13 Milan_Italy_14 Milan_Italy_15 Milan_Italy_16 Milan_Italy_17 Milan_Italy_18 Milan_Italy_19 Milan_Italy_20 Milan_Italy_21 Milan_Italy_22 Milan_Italy_23 Milan_Italy_24 Milan_Italy_25 Milan_Italy_26 Milan_Italy_27 Milan_Italy_28 Milan_Italy_29 Milan_Italy_30 Milan_Italy_31

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