Chateau Saint-Martin


Perched high a top a hill, the view from Chateau Saint-Martin swoops down over the ancient town of Vence soaring right out to the French Riviera’s magnificent blue waters that seem to melt into the sky. It’s breathtaking and something this luxury hotel showcases as much as possible from hotel room balconies, to sweeping terraces and large picture windows across the dining room, a perfect place to watch the sunset. Walking the manicured grounds you see traces of the estate’s history beginning in 350 AD to its important role for the Knights Templar in 1150 (who folklore claims buried great treasures among the grounds). 

It is traditional French glamour from the floral bed linens to the oil paintings and master fireplaces. I felt like a princess, just as when I stayed at the Le Bristol in Paris, another property that is part of the Oetker Collection. Aside from waking up to views of the French Riviera, I loved the property’s incredible gastronomy restaurant, Le Saint-Martin. Though wonderfully modern in technique and delightfully surprising, I appreciate that they still finished the meal with an oh-so-French traditional cheese cart, as if you could forget where you are with views like these….

Chateau_Saint_Martin_02 Chateau_Saint_Martin_03 Chateau_Saint_Martin_04

Above, smelling the roses in Of A Kind shirt dress. Below, Steamline Luggage in Starlet.

Chateau_Saint_Martin_05  Chateau_Saint_Martin_07 Chateau_Saint_Martin_08 Chateau_Saint_Martin_09 Chateau_Saint_Martin_13 Chateau_Saint_Martin_14 Chateau_Saint_Martin_15

Above, one of my favorite dresses to travel in by Norma Kamali. It doesn’t wrinkle, folds up tiny and you can wear it front to back to get two different looks from one piece! 

Chateau_Saint_Martin_36Chateau_Saint_Martin_16Chateau_Saint_Martin_18 Chateau_Saint_Martin_19 Chateau_Saint_Martin_20 Chateau_Saint_Martin_21 Chateau_Saint_Martin_22  Chateau_Saint_Martin_24 Chateau_Saint_Martin_25 Chateau_Saint_Martin_26Chateau_Saint_Martin_27Chateau_Saint_Martin_28Chateau_Saint_Martin_23 Chateau_Saint_Martin_30 Chateau_Saint_Martin_31 Chateau_Saint_Martin_35Chateau_Saint_Martin_32 Chateau_Saint_Martin_33 Chateau_Saint_Martin_34  Chateau_Saint_Martin_37 Chateau_Saint_Martin_38 Chateau_Saint_Martin_39

The Oetker Collection, remember the Le Bristol in Paris?…

6 thoughts on “Chateau Saint-Martin

  1. Wonderful places! and greatest pictures as always who transmite your vision so well. Could you practise French? When I travel to Paris few times, I couldn’t (I had studiyng French a year olny , but knowing vocabulary help me a lot) because they speak English so well, but is always a pleasure to be there…thanks for sharing!

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