A Summer Soirée with Zac Posen & Ecco Domani


I love New York in the summer. The parties are always at their most magical, and the people so beautiful. You would never know walking down a bustling street in Soho that behind a secret walled garden a glamorous summer soirée hosted by fashion designer Zac Posen is underway.

Under sparkling lights and fitted cocktail dresses, it was a perfect way to celebrate the newest collaboration between designer and wine maker. For two years now Zac Posen has been creating limited-edition bottle designs for Ecco Domani‘s Italian Pinot Grigio. Last year’s bottle was silvery burst of flowers and this year’s inspiration, taken from Mr. Posen’s 2016 collection, is reminiscent of joyful dancing bubbles in tones playing off of the wine’s crisp floral notes.

If Zac Posen is the go-to designer for the glamorous, classic Hollywood, lady-like women of the world then it is of no exception that his Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio design would be anything less. Perfect for a summer party table, the bottle is dressed for the occasion and all the joy that comes with….

Happy Summer! 

Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_03 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_04

Ecco’s Sparkling Rosa Cocktail

  • 1 bottle Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio
  • 12 oz Fresh Lemonade
  • 12 oz Fresh Grapefruit juice
  • 24 oz Club soda or sparkling water
  • lemon-lime soda
  • Mint for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl. Serve in wine glasses or low ball glasses with ice and garnished with fresh mint leaves and lemon slices. 

Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_05 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_06  Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_08 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_09  Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_11 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_12 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_13 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_14 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_07Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_15 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_16 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_17 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_18 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_19 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_20 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_21 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_22 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_23  Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_25 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_26 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_27 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_28 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_29 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_30 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_31 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_32 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_33 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_34 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_35 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_36 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_37 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_38 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_39 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_40 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_41 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_42 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_43 Ecco_Domani_Zac_Posen_44

This post was sponsored by Ecco Domani

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