Life is Beautiful

Style is the manifestation of self-knowledge and a creative spirit. Now, more than ever, that same sense of self resonates beyond the outer appearance and reaches a deeper source of identity through the knowledge and support of eco-fashion.” ~ FASHIONmeGREEN

One style influencer, 10 NYC eco-designers, a project to raise awareness for eco-friendly sustainable fashion! This is FASHIONmeGREEN’s New York look…

Special thanks to the talent and beauty of Greta Eagan & her FASHIONmeGREEN movement.

Thanks to stunning and stylish Teen Vogue &’s Eleanor Banco- you were wonderful to shoot. 

Makeup for this shoot is non-toxic and created by Jessa Blades– the best natural make-up artist in New York City.

A HUGE thank you to fellow photographer and my assistant for the day Colleen Duggan, I can’t thank you enough for reminding me to shoot with the Polaroid… 

Below is the WEBISODE put together for FASHIONmeGREEN by Greta & Andrew Mirabito where you can see some behind the scenes footage of our photoshoot at the exclusive SoHo House NYC!

The NY Project- Teen Vogue’s Eleanor Banco from FASHIONmeGREEN on Vimeo.

So you want the look? Check out FASHIONmeGREEN’s list of NYC eco-friendly designers used in this shoot!

The Coming of Fall

Kevin’s been itching to experiment with the video feature of the 5D MarkII and this weekend we made our first collaboration film. We didn’t want to get over our heads so we kept the project simple, under 2mins, and based clips on photographs that happen to be moving images. Kevin has been playing with video and editing so it made this collaboration a breeze and fun learning process for us both. I find it really gratifying to envision a photograph then watch it come to life.

Having just watched The Assassination of Jesse James we were inspired by the imagery of that film and wanted to base our project around it. We used “Song for Jesse” by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis to help set the tone of what we now call, “The Coming of Fall.” See it in full HD on Vimeo.

Filmed in New York City’s Central Park