Taking a break from Provence’s summer heat, I wanted some time to explore the Languedoc region in the South of France alongside the Pyrenees Mountains. What I found was a perfect little five bedroom- 18th-century bed and breakfast located in Cathare village of Montréal called Camellas-Lloret. It was so wonderful one day I didn’t even leave at all, just lounging in the communal living room, having rosé in the walled garden, soaking in my clawfoot tub, napping under a linen canopy. It was beautiful, peaceful, spacious… so wonderful I even stayed an extra night.

This place is the perfect example of French unrefined elegance. White washed walls, a play on textures, linen sofas, uneven terra-cotta tiles, antique sculptures next to modern photography art, stone fountains overgrown with ivy, with every door and window open letting the outside in and inside out. This place is the vision of Annie and Colin Moore, an American and a South African who fell in love on an overnight train from Paris to Rome and years later still dream and play with one another. Annie is one of those women who seems to be good at everything. Interior design, making clothing, creating the linen canopy you’ll see in photos below, making photographs, social media, and cooking. My god cooking. She was almost always in the kitchen. The “breakfast” part of bed and breakfast turned into two more home cooked meals for dinner and some plum cake for the road. I couldn’t help myself. Colin sent us off each day with a hand drawn map of the day’s destinations, to the perfect brewery, farm stand, castles, and restaurants. I felt so taken care of, it was hard to leave….

Camellaw-Lloret was featured in the new Wabi-Sabi Welcome book on organic beauty and entertaining with ease.

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Needless to say, any time you stay at the Four Seasons it is a special experience. From the fireworks of floral displays to the historic chandeliers reflected in the perfectly polished marble, each property seems to be fit for royalty which is precisely who walks through the doors here. The Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva is the sparkling jewel of Geneva. Of the many times I have visited this wonderful city for work I have always made a point to either dine at one of their restaurants or have a cocktail at the bar just to visit the timeless glamour of their world. It was such a treat on my weekend getaway to spend a few nights in what I think is the best hotel in Geneva.

*Practical information- Just a 9 minute walk from the train station, the location is perfect for exploring the city. You can easily catch a water taxi, dinner cruise, city tram or walk to many of the hip neighborhoods of Geneva right outside the hotel entrance. One of my favorite places to eat in Geneva is at Izumi which is on the rooftop of the Four Seasons. The hotel has a beautiful indoor pool, fitness center and amazing spa. I had perhaps one of the best Thai massages of my life here! A speciality of the spa. 

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Lindsay Castle

I stood in my bedroom on the 2nd floor tower over looking the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean jousting with the rigid red rocks of South Africa’s shores. For sometime there was no noise in the solar powered accommodations I found myself in on location for a shoot. It was just me there, watching the waves out the window. I like to find myself alone in far of places. I like to be reminded in a world with 7 billion people you can hide… and up there for a moment in time I hide in a place called Lindsay Castle.

Practical information: Lindsay Castle is a historic home built in the 20th century as a petite castle with six bedrooms you can rent for your own vacation on a private strip of beach within the Noetzie Nature Reserve. It’s remote and quiet, the beaches are pristine and the fireplaces make for cozy nights. They have an outdoor BBQ and dining area as well. To be noted however, it is a very steep climb up and down from the parking area so not suitable for people traveling with heavy luggage or physical restraints. 

La Residence

The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France.

Every corner you turn in this town has another surprise – streets strewn with bright purple lavenderstone archways glowing in the warm sunlight, vines creeping up the walls of ancient homes. But nowhere was there a better surprise than our incredible stay at SCAD‘s La Residence.

I knew from our previous trip with SCAD down to Savannah, GA that we were going to be put up in style, but La Residence is something else entirely. Encased in yellow-toned ancient Roman stone walls that glow in the damp early morning and cool peaceful evening, it beckons you inside to have a glass of wine by the courtyard pool, relax in the art-filled salon, until you finally lay your head to rest on the most beautiful, crisp, French linen sheets.

Lacoste is a fantasy come to life~ I never could believe my eyes each morning when I looked out my Provence pale blue shuttered window to a landscape of vineyards, cobble-stoned pathways, sunflower fields and lavender…and there’s nowhere better to stay and take it all in than La Residence, SCAD’s guest house for artists, parents, and acclaimed visitors…aren’t we so lucky…

The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France. The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France. The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France. The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France. The Residence du Savannah College of Art and Design privé in Lacoste, France. Continue reading “La Residence”