Apple Beignets & Hot Apple Knocker

~Molly & Jamie At the Green Market~

From Food Stylist Molly:

I was thinking about doing an apple post for November. Apples are best in early fall at the height of their picking season, but they are such a fall staple and available at the farmer’s market through the winter. I always like to have them on hand to chop in to a salad or have as a snack.

I was debating about our soon-to-be apple post when I stumbled upon an East Village second-hand store selling vintage issues of Gourmet magazine. Of course I greedily rummaged through them and selected an assortment of copies spanning November 1951 to January 1969.

The magazines are so fun to look through. It’s interesting to see how our ideas about food, style and presentation have changed. I don’t think recipes for ham mousse or stuffed partridges would appeal to many readers these days, but it’s also amazing how much our preferences have stayed exactly the same. People always seem to gravitate towards comfort foods and dishes they find familiar and approachable.

Two readers’ requests in the “You Asked for It” section reminded me of what I consider to be the perfect fall comfort food: apple beignets and a hot apple knocker. There is nothing better than munching on a fresh cinnamon-y donut and sipping hot cider when the cold weather arrives. Now I am more accustomed to the traditional apple cider donuts and hot apple cider, but these recipes are a fun twist on a familiar classic. Here are the recipes taken directly from the January 1969 issue of Gourmet.

~ Recipe and words by Food Stylist, Molly Shuster. Photography by me.

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