The Jazz Singer

A song bird, a bow, hidden eyes beneath a veil. A train ride to 125th street, the lights come on, the Cotton Club sings and we hear her.

Inspired by the great Billie Holiday, read more from the story on This Recording

Hats as seen in the story Ella for Working Class Magazine.

Hats are by Cassandra MacGregor. The model is Sade of ORB Models. Styling is by Meagan Camp.

Makeup by Susie Sobol. Hair by Marcel Dagenais. Photography Assistant is Tiffany Arement.

Paris Inspired~ The Cafe & The Singer

I can’t help but think about the infectious Josephine Baker when we stopped at this french cafe during a Billie Holiday inspired photo-shoot. I imagine this picturesque city and the glamour of Josephine as one of those magical times in Paris when people like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso could have sat with their muse in a cafe such as this.

See more images from the story on This Recording.
Hats are by Cassandra MacGregor. The model is Sade of ORB Models. Styling is by Meagan Camp. Makeup by Susie Sobol. Hair by Marcel Dagenais. Photography Assistant is Tiffany Arement.

Billie Holiday

In Which We Try To Please So Many People

See my images from a Billie Holiday inspired shoot, a transcribed interview from 1956, and a glimpse into this dark singer’s world on THIS RECORDING.

What I’m listening to: Stormy Weather by Billie Holiday, my favorite version of this perfect sad rainy day song. Click to hear~