All about Lips

make cosmetics, we see beauty

I’ve been very inspired recently with old masters paintings: Vermeer, The Frick, and simplifying my beauty routine. When Chelsa & I discussed this we loved the idea of forgoing the dramatic eye and focusing only on a strong lip. No mascara!  How fresh it looks to me; now her eyes remind me of all those souls in the beautiful paintings I’ve been lost in recently…

Here’s a step by step tutorial using MAKE cosmetics to get the look!

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 1: Brush Alabaster all over the lid, but not quite to the eyebrow.

make cosmetics, we see beauty

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Berry Romantic

MAKE cosmetics, We See Beauty

Every time I’m out and about in the city these days I’m looking for colors of spring, anything to erase the grey memories of winter. My beautiful friend Chelsa (who was also running in the marathon in Boston that day and was receiving her medal when the bombs went off) came by the studio to be my springtime muse. A palette of pinks, something soft and pretty, a reminder of how delicate we are like the flowers that bloom.

Here’s a step by step tutorial using MAKE cosmetics to get the look!

MAKE Cosmetics We See Beauty 

Step 1: Sweep Santa Fe all the way over the eyelid, but not quite to the brow.

MAKE Cosmetics We See Beauty

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Fresh Beauty~

I’m feeling so inspired by spring! The pink blossoms, cafés filling up the sidewalk with little tables full of friends and lovers, and that feeling I get where all is new again, that possibilities for the year are endless. 

While at a friend’s apartment on one of those perfect 70 degree Manhattan days I found myself inquiring about Chelsa’s glowing, fresh and perfect for spring makeup. She was sweet enough to let me photograph her and patient enough to give me notes on all she is wearing so that I could joit it down here for you other beauties who like me, change with the seasons…