Seeing RED

Photogarpher Jamie Beck takes us on a color story of RED.

I’ve been so cold recently, so ready for nights out without having to wear tights and boots and jackets and gloves… you get the idea, you’re having the same rages. I’ve tried to make it fun and now I’m starting color therapy, surrounding myself with red. It started by staring at the above image we have as a large print in the kitchen every morning, letting the red warm my blood vessels. That was the 4×5 color film photograph I was working on when Bee came over to interview us for Bal Harbour magazine and I was panicking because I wanted to get the shot before all the ice finished melting. And now I still feel like I’m thinking about the ice melting! So here is the HOTTEST color I could find around the studio and in funny nooks around to get us feeling warm!

A collection of photographs by photographer Jamie Beck based on the color RED.

Above: From my Donna Karan archive, Resort 2014 and every dream I have of leaving a great last impression as you walk away.

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Art As He Wished

My friend Mike who also has an affection for documentaries recommended the film “Art of the Steal” which centers around the amazing collection of Albert C. Barnes’ modern and post-impressionist art valued at 25 billion dollars, the fight for control over it and ultimately the take over by the people he despised. Before Philadelphia moves and adapts this collection into a crowded touristic money making machine, Grace (Design Sponge) and I wanted to experience it just the way Albert Barnes wished, in the quiet intimacy of Merion, PA. 

Cameras were not allowed inside so I can only use my words to express how special it felt walking among his personal collection. Knowing that every piece hung the way he intended and being able to stand alone in a small quiet room with some of the most magnificent artists such as Picasso, Cezanne, and Renoir was an experience I’ll never forget and one I wish I could repeat often. It feels as intimate as if the art were hanging in your own living room, set in a personal context and warmth. I think Henri Matisse said it all when he said “The Barnes Foundation is the only sane place to see art in America”.

“The true story of a multi-billion dollar art heist and how they got away with it.”

Above images taken with my Hasselblad 500c & Leica M3 and Kodak Etkar 100 film.

Below, sneaky iPhone pics of the interior.