Vinalhaven, Maine


In a small writer’s cottage tucked away on a quiet cove in Vinalhaven, Maine I spent the last week of summer with the promise of autumn quietly whispering with each rolling wave of the fog kissed shore of this tiny island that feels lost to the sea. In our modern times of fast communication and speedy travel we can blink an eye and be anywhere in the world.

But here…. here it is a journey. It takes time and you feel time change on the voyage to this sacred place. First a flight to Portland, Maine, then to a car, then ferry, with each passing mode of transportation the clock ticks a moment slower. I watched the shores of Maine while standing on the windy top deck of the ferry as they grew more distant. I looked at America, at a landscape not unfamiliar to the first settlers who came here on the hope and dreams of a new and better life. A life, to a certain extent, I was trying to escape from. The boat carried me away and I let go as land slipped away.

Maine is perfect in the summer. It’s classically American and dynamic in nature. Each hour yielded to a new exciting atmosphere.  It reminds you we are merely passengers on Earth, witnesses to nature’s show. I had to escape Manhattan’s monolithic skyscrapers that blocked sunsets to be reminded of what was out there bigger than me, bigger than my city, and beautiful… so very beautiful. While we watched the tide come in and out each day, distant lobster fishing boats bobbing in place, we took ease in the simplicity. The smell of the salty ocean, the feeling of the damp mossy forest under our feet.

Jet lagged from France, I would take rests in the afternoon with the old windows open so that I could listen to the wind in the trees and feel its coolness on my face as autumn promised itself to be just around the bend.

It is an quiet island in comparison to places like Nantucket but that is what makes it great. A place where you can turn off the noise, turn on nature and remember what it feels like to simply be alive. The kind of place with a handful of local and beloved stores, a tiny farmer’s market and one gas station where you buy the daily catch. When everything closes at 5pm and you wonder how you’ll ever survive until you discover we don’t need as much as we thought, or nearly as much as we’ve been sold. I think about this place often and when I do I’m standing right there on that cool gray rock, wrapped in mist and lost in thoughts…

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Portland, Maine

There are three things I think about when I think about Portland, Maine: the blue color of the ocean off the side of a sail boat, lobsters, and L.L. Bean. A couple of years ago, this American standard launched L.L. Bean Signature, with a nod to heritage and updated classics. I understand the thrill of a new look but for me, sometimes I just want to put on a simple black turtleneck or a cozy autumn sweater with some classic boots and call it a day (like on THIS day for example). So we paid them a visit at their store in Freeport, Maine, that is unbelievably open 24 hours a day – literally shop till you drop! – and then spent the last remaining sunsets of summer in Portland where the red brick contrasts the blue ocean and those white sails go gliding by like a painting that never changes but is always moving on the horizon.

L.L. Bean Signature’s perfect travel bag! Westport Leather Tote.

Below: Discovered Portland General Store Apothecary which makes simple and natural beauty products inspired by antique recipes. I LOVE the shampoo and conditioner. Kevin loves the whiskey after-shave. Also, this is a great gift for any man in your life. 

Other shopping favorites: 2Note Botanical Perfumery & Folly 101

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Buying Shaker

On a recent trip to Maine we stopped off at Windsor Chairmakers for a little look-and-see of something so classic New England. What we found was a new modeling stool for the studio and a whole story about how it came to be. Completely handcrafted in an old barn on the property, owner Jim Brown will tell you when you come in you’re buying a piece of the past with function and comfort all in one. Now that’s my cup of tea!

Above: Caroline at Ann Street Studio on our new modeling stool.

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Dogfish Head Asado

As if the end of summer couldn’t be anymore bittersweet… we filled our memories with friends, family and really great beer up in Maine at Dogfish Head’s summer event Asado at Salt Water Farm. On a grassy hill overlooking the bay they roasted lamb, shucked fresh oysters, tapped *a few* kegs and lived a perfect summer night together. Of course being the creative weirdos (I say that in the most endearing way) as they are at Dogfish, we had a special brewed stout just for the event made of 40 Maine Lobsters! Outrageous!

Here’s to a great summer weekend,

Happy Labor Day!

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