To Marilyn, with Love

I have been really inspired recently by images of Marilyn Monroe that are slightly more intimate, not in the less-clothes kind of way but in an at home behind the scenes glamour effect. I loved the big soft sweater shoot she did at the end of her life on the beach and when she would wear softer makeup and curls. I channeled all these details into this Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot in collaboration with amazingly talented hair and makeup artist Ashley Donovan and the beautiful (and also blues singing) April Beck in Texas this past December.

There is actually another part to this shoot. Film vs Digital. Part of my job as a photographer is know what equipment to use when, the look each camera gives and making the choice of what tool is best to capture the vision. The first images are taken with my 5DMarkII and a 50mm 1.4 lens, the film set below is taken with my Minolta SRT101 35mm camera with Kodak400vc film. The digital are obviously much clearer and detailed while the film is dreamier and has this wonderful texture to it. How they each handle lights and darks are completely different as well as the color tones. I really love all the shots but for me personally, the last image in this post taken by film is my favorite of the shoot. Please do leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on film vs digital.