Triumph Lingerie


My latest project with my frequent creative collaborator Kelly got a little more intimate this time around with a look at one of the oldest lingerie brands, founded in Europe in 1886, Triumph. This project was unlike most of our jobs in the digital age, these image were used in print first, layout designed by Kelly, to be picked up at Journelle stores and handed out at Triumph’s fashion show.

We wanted these images to be a celebration of women, to be feminine but confident, uncovered but in control. We wanted to be inspired at the end of the day to put on some lace and love every curve. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?

Below are our four women, full of their own Triumphs, all from different places in the world and celebrated beautifully in their own skin because confidence is the biggest triumph of all.




 Above & in the cover photo Nneoma wears: Amourette Spotlight Underwire BraAmourette Spotlight Hipster panties

Below: Amourette 300 bra

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Chloe’s Rainbow


It’s not that often that you come across a model who has such a stamp on her own personal style, such a sense of adventure and wanderlust for the world. We were talking about her modeling career and how it has changed since she started coloring her hair (yes, she does it herself!) which she said came about after years of modeling as a blonde and wanting to do something different, wanting to express herself. She was so tired of just being a “Barbie doll” and she thought, “Hey, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just go to art school.” Once she made the change, two modeling agencies dropped her until she found her way to ONE Model Management who totally embraced who she was. Now, especially though the power of Instagram and social media, she is a huge rising star, something so nice to see happen to a really sweet woman who loves to talk about traveling the world and organic human experiences, keeping a journal and lighting up a photoshoot like a rainbow in the sky.

Chloe002 Chloe003 Chloe004

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren shows his fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion WeekNot even a blizzard could keep us away from the luxury and modern glamour of Ralph Lauren‘s Fall 2014 collection show. Beautiful ivories, soft grays dancing into lilacs and blushes so delicate in tonality you would believe our muse is a flower whispering a soft breath of life into the season. I loved the elegant simplicity leaving your mind’s eye free study all the textures of fur, leather, cashmere and silk. Free to appreciate the true beauty of being a Ralph Lauren women…

Ralph Lauren shows his fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week Ralph Lauren shows his fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week Ralph Lauren shows his fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week Ralph Lauren shows his fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week

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Carolina Herrera


Carolina Herrera 

Though the runway was filled with geometric shapes, funky prints, and fez-like headpieces, the feel was still of simple opulence. Fur-lined sleeves and delicate beaded embellishments took certain pieces to a whole new level of luxury. Carolina always has this amazing way of bringing classic, ladylike silhouettes into our modern day world. With this collection, which I loved so much, I felt as if I was transported into the world of a film heroine, a glamorous adventure where we ride in convertibles in Monaco and take private planes from work in Manhattan to our country estates…

Carolina_Herrera_03 Carolina_Herrera_04 Carolina_Herrera_05 Carolina_Herrera_06 Carolina_Herrera_07

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Model Casting

I love model casting days, to me it’s so inspiring because each girl is her own story – a sea of endless possibilities. Every photo shoot starts with a vision. For designer Misha Nonoo’s “Once Upon a Time“, we wanted to tell a story of a young banished princess, childlike and beautiful, nymph-like and wild. When you cast, you watch carefully, looking for that perfect muse who will bring your vision to life. And then when you see her, you know.

It’s just like falling in love…

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Riding in Cars with Boys

When I think of the 1950s, I think of Marilyn Monroe, black & white movies, jazz, and drive-in theaters. I like to imagine cuddling up to my love on the big bench seats after the sun has set and being alone aside from the glowing headlights of night… It was a new age for America & the automobile was here to stay.

The 1953 Lincoln Capri was like a Dave Brubeck album—smooth and sophisticated, it was the perfect canvas for the budding starlets of the era. Marilyn Monroe owned one! 

It is with great honor Lincoln asked us to capture the romance of time through a series of Cinemagraphs with their classic cars so that we may all keep the memory of love going at any speed.


1953 Lincoln Capri / Styling: Kelly Framel / Creative Direction:  Maury Postal / Makeup: Porsche Cooper / Hair: Francis Anthony Rodriguez / Maggie wears: vintage beret, Zara sweater, vintage skirt from Early HalloweenKORS Michael Kors loafers / Josh wears: vintage glasses and sweater, Zara pants and shoes

Donna Karan

Always with a conscious eye on nature, spirit and energy, Donna Karan once again showed us what it means to be goddess. With a green gown that looked as if it floated down the runway to a collection of dresses in the colors of the sunset, nobody drapes a woman’s body more flattering than Donna Karan and this collection, for me, was one of the most inspired.

Below, the girls getting ready backstage for the show. 

…. And then the show begins

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Hey Big Shot

A break from digital, a pocket full of flash cubes, a camera put to use by Andy Warhol… This past New York Fashion Week I did the “Big Shot Shuffle” backstage at Donna Karan with this fixed focal length, Polaroid producing, enormous plastic camera. 

About the Big Shot / Andy Warhol’s shots / where I bought it