There are so many options of things to do while staying at Camellas-Lloret, that is if you even want to leave the charming B&B. Here is a list of a few of our favorite sites, places to eat, things to do if you find yourself in the Occitania region of France.

  1. Carcassonne– Wonderful lively food market in the center of town with a fountain surrounded in cafes and trees. Perfect place to buy ingredients for a picnic or to bring home some local honey and lavender. Carcassonne is famous for its medieval castle, La Cité, which is quite amazing to see. However, I find going inside to be too touristy for tastes. 
  2. Barrière Truffes L’Atelier– This is the kind of restaurant that fuels my passion for discovery. Small, authentic, only a daily menu, incredible local wines and knowledge, and a whole menu around truffles! It was just fabulous.
  3. Mirepoix– An incredible medieval town worth a visit to see the architecture. I’ve been twice, once for the farmers market and once for the brocante (where I bought most of these items!), both spectacular. The most lovely lunch spot (where I had the best summer soup!) is at the Relais de Mirepoix
  4. Brasserie du Quercorb– A local French brewery! This place is so authentic and cool and on special nights they have an old beer truck they drive around to region events. 
  5. Restaurant la Rive-Belle on the Berges du Canal du Midi– “restaurant on the beautiful bank” and that is what it is. Tucked away between fields of sunflowers and rolling hills of vineyards, this laid back watering hole has delicious regional dishes with a beautiful view of the canal at sunset. 
  6. Chateau de Puivert- The ruins of a Cathar castle. We stopped into many Chateaux but this one was my person favorite because we had the place to ourselves and the view from the climb to the top of the tower (literally a climb) is unbelievable. You feel like a bird. It’s 1000000% not safe which makes it even more spectacular. There is a 5 euro entry fee. 
  7. Niaux Cave– Probably the highlight of my weekend getaway, it was an unbelievable experience climbing into a mountain 1km to view 14,000 year old cave paintings. It really changes your perspective on human history. You must book this in advance as the tours are very limited in order to preserve the paintings. 
  8. Les Jardins de Vaissieres – One of the best farmstands I’ve been to in France (and there are A LOT of amazing produce stops!). This place not only sells home grown fruits and vegetables on the property surrounding the store but also has a great variety of vinegars, mustards, spices and the best local chickens! I also killed a lot of time playing in the raspberry fields with some kittens… so that also weighs in on my love of this place. 
  9. Sunflowers! – Just get in the car and drive in any direction and you’ll find fields of gold.
  10. Picnic! Anywhere and everywhere all the time. At Camellas-Lloret they have the most amazing collection of vintage picnic baskets they have collected over the years at local brocantes you can borrow and fill up with goodies from the Les Jardin de Vaissieres farm stand or one of the farmers markets at Mirepoix or Carcassonne.