A Day at Oscar de la Renta

A glimpse into the working world of the people that give us season after season what is the designed beauty of Mr. Oscar de la Renta. From hand crafting gowns to fittings for that evening’s runway show- this is what it’s like to work for one of the most beautiful designers in the world.

A Resort collection inspired by Pablo Picasso, an industrial high rise runway show in the future offices of this fashion house, a handcrafted collection that is timelessly chic yet wonderfully creative… This was a day with Oscar de la Renta

Thank you so much to everyone at Oscar de la Renta for opening your home to me- Your world is a world I would live in everyday if I could. Erika, there are not enough words of grace xx


OscarPRGirl is not only setting an industry standard in etiquette but she is one of those women with a certain je ne sais quoi… and she has the most amazing walk I have ever seen.

This dress from Oscar’s resort show was my favorite piece, I call it the “if Marilyn were alive” dress.

Thank you Erika for your kind words and unwavering support, you are so good to me. xo


once upon a time I met Jamie Beck. Last September she took this picture of me at FNO from outside of our boutique on Madison avenue. There is just something about her photos, you know? For me it’s like they make me hold my breath for just a second. At our Resort show last month, Jamie graciously agreed to take pictures. Here, the first I will post & most definitely not the last. Jamie, we love you, & thank you. 


Coco takes Manhattan

Coco takes Manhattanin Oscar de la Renta

Watching Coco come alive in front of our camera lens was beautiful performance art. She gives you a million moments in such a fearless way and through her talent she made our work greater. Thank you Coco for spending this time with us, you set the bar ridiculously high… and I love it.



Through my new friends at tumblr headquarters I’ve recently come in contact with a very talented new photographer named Jamie. She and her fiancée create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” – more than a photo, but not quite a video.

Mark my words friends, this art form is the way of the future.

Oscar de la Renta’s Studio

A tour from her led us through the working studio of a living master as he prepared his classically beautiful and hand crafted looks along side his seamstresses for New York Fashion Week.

Welcome to the Manhattan studio of Mr. Oscar de la Renta

Thank you so much Erika for this peek inside such a beautiful world. You set a high industry standard of elegance and graciousness, I admire you so. xo