My Holga and a walk through Paris

Looking at Paris through the lens of a Holga camera is thrilling in a different way. The city is captured in a slightly grittier light, not glamorized and charming but almost seedy. To me, these images feel as if they had documented a Paris from long ago, showing us the truth through muddle grain rather than the dream that keeps us coming back.

All images were shot with my Holga camera, a medium format plastic toy point-and-shoot camera, and Tri-x 400 film.

Paris Inspired~ The Cafe & The Singer

I can’t help but think about the infectious Josephine Baker when we stopped at this french cafe during a Billie Holiday inspired photo-shoot. I imagine this picturesque city and the glamour of Josephine as one of those magical times in Paris when people like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso could have sat with their muse in a cafe such as this.

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Hats are by Cassandra MacGregor. The model is Sade of ORB Models. Styling is by Meagan Camp. Makeup by Susie Sobol. Hair by Marcel Dagenais. Photography Assistant is Tiffany Arement.

Paris Cafés

Spending time among the Parisian cafés was as if I was watching the city of Paris breathe. I watched patrons eat and drink, sit and people watch, talk and share, read in silence, write letters, stop out of the rain, and start and end their days. The cafes give you a feeling of timelessness and those most lovely of windows to look out and watch the world pass by.

All images were taken with my Pentax Spotmatic & Tri-X 400 film

On a trip to New England last fall I found this postcard sent from Paris to the USA in 1938 by Betty, “Paris is as alluring as ever and I hate to think of leaving it.” I like to imagine she sat in a cafe while writing this.

Paris & Polaroids

Someone once told me an Art Director at an ad agency convinced the client they had to photograph their ad campaign in Paris because it had the best light in the world. To me, he was right. In the day it is soft and forgiving and at night it glows as if it were wearing the crown jewels. Irving Penn: “The light was the light of Paris as I had imagined it, soft but defining.” It’s no wonder than Paris has been the stage to such great photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Brassai, Robert Doisneau, Eugene Atget, Richard Avedon among countless others I admire and learn from.

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