We See Beauty

photo studio beauty shoot (1)

photo studio beauty shoot (2)

For the past year, we have had the honor of working with an amazing new cosmetics company that just launched called MAKE. MAKE has saturation in its product like NARS, the range of color like MAC and the professional tools like MakeupProfessional, but is different from a humanitarian perspective. Every time you buy a MAKE product, you help fund the We See Beauty Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting and strengthening communities and local economy, especially for women-led small businesses.

MAKE finds beauty in encouraging self-expression through color by fostering contemporary collaborations between makeup artists and creatives worldwide. MAKE is the first for-benefit beauty brand on We See Beauty and is made in New York. When you go to their website, it feels more like an art gallery experience than a commerce site. Having worked closely with their founder to help fulfill her vision, I can tell you MAKE is about the celebration of women and however they choose to define themselves.

Here are some behind the scenes snapshots on set at Jack Studios with MAKE and our team, showing palettes of colors, stylist’s wardrobe, props, makeup artist’s sketches and major gear!

photo studio beauty shoot (3)

photo studio beauty shoot (4)

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