Portland, Maine

There are three things I think about when I think about Portland, Maine: the blue color of the ocean off the side of a sail boat, lobsters, and L.L. Bean. A couple of years ago, this American standard launched L.L. Bean Signature, with a nod to heritage and updated classics. I understand the thrill of a new look but for me, sometimes I just want to put on a simple black turtleneck or a cozy autumn sweater with some classic boots and call it a day (like on THIS day for example). So we paid them a visit at their store in Freeport, Maine, that is unbelievably open 24 hours a day – literally shop till you drop! – and then spent the last remaining sunsets of summer in Portland where the red brick contrasts the blue ocean and those white sails go gliding by like a painting that never changes but is always moving on the horizon.

L.L. Bean Signature’s perfect travel bag! Westport Leather Tote.

Below: Discovered Portland General Store Apothecary which makes simple and natural beauty products inspired by antique recipes. I LOVE the shampoo and conditioner. Kevin loves the whiskey after-shave. Also, this is a great gift for any man in your life. 

Other shopping favorites: 2Note Botanical Perfumery & Folly 101

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