Life is Beautiful

Style is the manifestation of self-knowledge and a creative spirit. Now, more than ever, that same sense of self resonates beyond the outer appearance and reaches a deeper source of identity through the knowledge and support of eco-fashion.” ~ FASHIONmeGREEN

One style influencer, 10 NYC eco-designers, a project to raise awareness for eco-friendly sustainable fashion! This is FASHIONmeGREEN’s New York look…

Special thanks to the talent and beauty of Greta Eagan & her FASHIONmeGREEN movement.

Thanks to stunning and stylish Teen Vogue &’s Eleanor Banco- you were wonderful to shoot. 

Makeup for this shoot is non-toxic and created by Jessa Blades– the best natural make-up artist in New York City.

A HUGE thank you to fellow photographer and my assistant for the day Colleen Duggan, I can’t thank you enough for reminding me to shoot with the Polaroid… 

Below is the WEBISODE put together for FASHIONmeGREEN by Greta & Andrew Mirabito where you can see some behind the scenes footage of our photoshoot at the exclusive SoHo House NYC!

The NY Project- Teen Vogue’s Eleanor Banco from FASHIONmeGREEN on Vimeo.

So you want the look? Check out FASHIONmeGREEN’s list of NYC eco-friendly designers used in this shoot!