Southampton Summer

While undeniable that the entirety of the Hamptons holds quite a bit of charm for New Yorkers over the summer, Southampton for me stands out from the rest. It began because of a friendship, but the more I come here the more I am pulled in by its charm. In addition to beautiful homes and gorgeous greenery, it has become an inspirational retreat for artists of all kinds.

Roy Lichtenstein and Zita Davisson, amazing painters, had studios here, and currently the author Tom Wolfe has a home in the village.

“For a moment you might imagine you’ve been mysteriously wafted to the French countryside, but no, this is the East End of Long Island…You’ve reached your destination, but your journey of discovery has barely begun…”

There aren’t many places where you can wander through rose gardens, walk along the beach, see gorgeous, inspiring artwork, and still have time to come back and cookout with some of your closest friends. I have luckily found one, and it will always stay close to my heart…

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