A Beautiful Designer~

Katie Ermilio is a designer of beautiful things… maybe that has something to do with being the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier or having worked at Vogue. Either way this incredibly talented (and wonderfully sweet) woman is destined to great fashion stardom. 

These are the photos Rue Magazine commissioned me to shoot of Katie in her work studio, wearing her own designs for the premiere issue- click to see Katie’s classic fall shopping guide and swoon at the great taste and goodies!

All photos shot with my Pentax Spotmatic and fuijifilm 

“The Private Life of a Legend”

“To spend a day with Vicente Wolf is to walk in the footsteps of a Design God.”

When the editors of Rue Magazine first approached me about shooting ‘A Day in the Life of Vicente Wolf’ I was… well, nervous. Mr. Wolf not only was letting me intimately shadow his day but he was also welcoming us into his beautiful Manhattan home. After I met him the nerves left as we talked about blogging (YES! he blogs!) and his amazing personal collection of photographs by the world’s most important and visionary photographers. I mean, I almost cried when he shared stories about Avedon. Thank you Mr. Wolf for this amazing essay, it was truly an honor.

Contributing photo essay to the newest interior, inspiration & ideas publication- Rue Magazine, please see the story & read the interview by Julie Holloway as we follow Vicente Wolf throughout his day!

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Interview with OneThing blog~

This month I was honored to be interviewed on OneThing blog:

Jamie Beck: my one thing is…

Q: There’s a saying, to pick one thing and do it well. What’s your one thing?

Jamie: Photography. I knew it was my one thing from the first time I took a photograph. I’ll strive to do it well my whole life and I’ll always be working on my craft trying to make it better or greater or fresher or more challenging… you get my drift. Photography for me is a part of my being, like a creepy 3rd eye or something. Not that I have a 3rd eye, who said I had a 3rd eye?! So I may show up at shoots with red lipstick and a charm bracelet on but I’m a photographer and I strive to be great, all the time, every day, and besides, who says all successful women photographers have to be morphed into men? I don’t want to shoot babies, I just want shoot what my mind likes.

Q: What do you like about what you do?

Jamie: The limits are only what my mind creates.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Jamie: I don’t really feel like I’ve lived a day successfully or actually experienced it unless I take a photograph. Even when I’m laying in bed at night I picture images I’ve yet to take. With that said, I’m not going anywhere so you might as well get with the program and let me shoot for you.

Check out OneThing blog to read other interviews (from not so girly people) and see what their one thing is!

24 Hours in NYC

When Wolfram Magazine asked me to do a photo essay on New York City I knew I didn’t want to shoot the iconic (and touristy) places being that’s just really not a part of my day living and working. I approached the project with an honesty of what it’s like visually as a New Yorker interacting with this amazing city and decided my essay would be based on 24 hours in NYC in 24 frames.

*All images were shot on Ilford Film with my Hasselblad 500C


storyboard C.

Welcome to Cynthia’s world. A charming, southern inspired, vintage obsessed, Hitchcock blonde, creative gal blogging the sweet things. When she emailed me about my photography and wanting to share it with her readers I was thrilled because c’mon, how adorable is her design! I did not expect the warm and thought out feature she came to post. Thank you for the beautiful words about my work and for making me feel so good in the business of inspiring. I hope I can continue to do more of the same.

It’s Just an Old Sweet Song~

There are those times when you come across someone’s blog and everything just clicks. You get them right away as if you were old childhood friends growing up next door to each other. That’s how I felt when a few months back when I stumbled upon Amy’s ever charming blog Old Sweet Song. Two things immediately pop in my mind, first driving down the Spanish moss lined lanes of Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah with Ray Charles’s Georgia on Mind playing and second, my affection for anything southern and vintage. I would later come to find out, like me, Amy is a Southern Belle transplanted to the Upper West Side! She got a Kitchenaid for Christmas, I got a Sunbeam! She posts wonderful recipes, art, projects, fashion, and this little series called Blogger Crush. When Amy emailed me that I was her new blogger crush I was so delighted! A charming little interview of fun questions and a different (non-photography) look into my mind which is, I think, an old sweet song.

Thank you Amy for making me feel so lucky to have people like you enjoying my work! I’d be your blogger crush any day and on the to-do list is an Upper West Side blogger meet up!

All images were taken in Savannah, Georgia on FujiFilm Pro400H with my vintage Hasselblad camera