Coney Island’s Summer Love

“I met her at the Burger King we fell in love by the soda machine

So we took the car downtown the kids were hanging out all around

Then we went down to Coney Island on the coaster and around again

And no one’s gonna ever tear us apart cause she’s my sweetheart …”

                                                                      ~The Ramones

ORB Models Mary Kate & Brett styled by Jessica Soga & Kylie Fife Hair & Makeup by Virginia BradleyPhotographed for Working Class Magazine’s Summer of Love issue! 

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Immortal Autumn

This week Immortal Autumn came out on WhatsWear, an online fashion industry publication. It was a wonderfully romantic collaboration with the very talented stylist, jewelry designer and crafter Kylie Fife and amazing makeup artist and painter Virginia Bradley. The whole shoot came into it’s vampire-esque focus by Kylie’s fascination with a guy who wears a lace scarf around Williamsburg, before we knew it she was pulling vintage velvet hair ties and practicing her tulle bows. Terence from ORB Model Management was a perfect romantic intense and strong yet tragically fragile subject who gave me one of my favorite photographs which Kylie and I call The Michelangelo (beauty image on black with the open buttoned shirt and eyes closed).

We were so excited to see it live on WhatsWear, I hope you will stop by and see more of the images from Immortal Autumn on their rich fashion site!